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Project 1
BAUD 3355 Spring 2017
Due 2/14/20167
Project 1 is due at the beginning of class. Use the “Project 1 data” data set. You may
use Excel to help you with the statistical analysis.
The data set records the amount of money spent by 50 consecutive shoppers at a grocery store.
Create a report describing the data and answering the required questions. The
report will be structured as follows:
Section 1 Data. Provide the following information:
Standard Deviation
Largest value
Smallest value
First Quartile
Third Quartile
Interquartile range
Number of classes for frequency distribution
Class width for frequency distribution
Frequency Distribution table
Histogram of the frequency distribution
Section 2 Report. A written report as follows:
First paragraph: written summary of the data which should include key characteristics
including observations about the shape of the data.
Second paragraph: Suppose 91% of the prices paid by customers covers the cost of
goods sold and that the store needs an additional $15,000 per day to cover operational
expenses. How many customers does the store need per day to cover these costs?
Relate the answer to the question as well has describe how you came to the answer
you reached.
Generally the report will be graded for clarity (how easy it is to understand you),
completeness (no significant gaps in the information provided) and correctness (the
values and descriptions are correct). The report will also be graded on adherence to the
report standard.


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