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Psychology and Education
Paper instructions:
The purpose of this paper is to critically evaluate a scientific article about some concept in Psychology. This assignment will assist you in your personal development, integrity, and academic excellence. There are many issues that people are concerned about that are relevant to an Introduction to Psychology class, such as ADD, ESP, depression, weight control, PMS, TV and violence, memory boosters, happiness, stress, and etc. Be mindful that simply gathering existing data and synthesizing it (information as goal) is boring. Instead YOU are on a QUEST, a hunt for the truth (information as a means to solve a problem). Your first journal article will be assigned for Writing Assignment 1. Remember, this is not a research paper. Click here for further clarification of the assignment.

Linden, M., Baumann, K., Lieberei, B., & Rotter, M. (2009). The post-traumatic embitterment disorder self-rating scale (PTED Scale). Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy, 16(2), 139-147.
Page 1 – A title page with your name, affiliation and running header (in APA Format –
see https://allaplusessays.com/order and OWL resources);
2. Page 2 – Summarize the your paper in an “Abstract”;
3. Pages 3-5
a. Your paper’s response is to be both informational (i.e., review what the
researcher(s) of the journal reported) and critical (e.g., critique their logic,
conclusions, method, implications);
b. Use terms from the text and journal wherever possible;
c. Carefully, concisely and thoughtfully write your prose in APA-format using 3rd
person language (i.e., he, she, they) and use verbs in the past tense only;
d. DO NOT include graphs, tables or quotes (paper is too short to includes these
e. Summarize your opinion within the conclusion of the paper; and,
f. At least 3 (no more than 5) pages of content in length, not including the Title
page, Abstract or Reference pages.
g. Here is the recommended format for both Writing 1 & 2 Assignments:
i. Paragraph One:
1. Tell the reader what the focus of the research is, why it is
interesting and state the hypotheses or research questions.
ii. Paragraph Two:
1. Identify the subjects and the procedures used in the study.
2. Paragraph Three (and possibly Paragraph Four):
a. Present the variables and how each was measured.
b. Be specific.c. Identify the name of the measurement and a brief
description of each.

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