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I have 10 Definition

1) What is the overall equation for aerobic cellular respiration?

2) What are the main stages of aerobic respiration?

3) What is the organelle used for aerobic respiration? Draw a representation labeling: inner membrane, inner membrane space, outer membrane, outer membrane space (matrix).

4) What is ATP? Draw the structure of ATP.

5) What are the two main stages of glycolysis? (lecture slides)

6) What are the products of glycolysis and where does this process occur?

7) What is the molecule that connects glycolysis and the Krebs Cycle (Citric Acid cycle)?

8) How many turns of the Krebs cycle does it take to completely breakdown one glucose molecule after glycolysis?

9) What are the two electron carriers produced during aerobic respiration?

10) How many carbon atoms enter Krebs cycle?

11) Summarize the Krebs Cycle (where does this process occur)? Lecture slides

12) How many ATP are produced after glycolysis, acetyl CoA formation and Krebs Cycle?

13) Describe how the final 32 ATP are produced? Where does this process occur? Lecture slides

14) What is the purpose of oxygen during oxidative phosphorylation (electron transport chain)?

15) Summarize the complete process of aerobic respiration, include quantity of products and where process occurs. Lecture slides

16) What organism uses the process of lactic acid fermentation?

17) What are the products of lactic acid fermentation? Where does it occur?

18) What enzyme catalyzes lactic acid fermentation?

19) What organisms use the process of alcoholic fermentation?

20) What are the products of alcoholic fermentation

21) Summarize lactic acid fermentation alcoholic fermentation

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