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Introduction to Small Business Administration: Capstone Project
Capstone Project Overview
You have spent several months looking for work, landing a few interviews, but something does not seem
right. After much soul searching, you have realized that you are an entrepreneur at heart and want to
open up your own business. You know it will not be easy, but it’s something you need to do.
Your Capstone Project will consist of 5 parts and will focus on the many decisions you are going to make
prior to opening your business. The end product of your work will be a phenomenal sales presentation
that you can share with potential investors. Remember – all 5 parts of the Capstone Project are related
to each part building on the next part.
Capstone Project Part 1
Select a product or service for your business. Perhaps something that your native country has that
would be great for Americans to be introduced to. It can be an existing product or service, or you can
create your own. Be creative.
Create a synopsis of your business which needs to include:

The name of your business

Products and/or services that will be offered

Any experience that you might have that makes you suited to pursue this venture

Your preferred location for your business

Your target market

Why you think this product/service will be successful
Your synopsis should be a minimum of 250 word
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