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There can be more than 1 correct answer on each question, please choose them if they apply.

Question 1

You and a group of friends tutor for Studypool. You guys all get a small bonus at Studypool for quality. What’s the best explanation for why you comparing your bonus to the those of your friends might worsen your mood?

  1. You can’t get that info out of your buddies.
  2. You guys get the same bonus.
  3. You got the highest bonus.
  4. You received less of a bonus than your friends.

Question 2

Which case below best describes a person who is experiencing cognitive dissonance.

  1. A rich dude who’s made it without getting a college degree really wants his daughter to attend a top-tier private university.
  2. I enjoy the use of stimulants and know the medical consequences they could cause to me. But I still enjoy and use them.
  3. A surgeon is wracked with guilt over his unexpected failure to save one of his patients, but he chooses not to seek medical help for the burden of that guilt and its significant negative impact on his health.
  4. A dentist feels proud of his own daughter’s successful application to dental school.

Question 3

Choose the answer that does NOT describe an instance of the phenomenon of “groupthink”.

  1. Everybody in the group thinks that everyone else in the group is great at making decisions.
  2. People who are part of the Studypool team are becoming less creative in contributing solutions to solve problems that are essential to the success of the group.
  3. Studypool seeking out the most efficient solutions and making sure everyone agrees with each other.
  4. Group members are okay with increasingly radical solutions and ideas being tossed around by individuals because of the perceived closeness and faithfulness of group members towards each other.

Question 4

All of these choices describe societal impacts associated with franchises like McDonald’sEXCEPT:

  1. Popularization of cost-benefit analyses as a rational mode of thinking over more historical attitudes.
  2. Hardened bureaucratic organization.
  3. Decreasing authoritarianism and increasing collaboration in work.
  4. A noticeable inclination towards homogeneity in markets.

Question 5

Drive theory explains the need for animals like humans to satisfy a certain psychological needs by seeking to reduce negative tension caused by them. Which of the following conclusions is true when drive theory is applied to a thirsty person:

  1. Drinking is an attempt to restore a homeostatic equilibrium.
  2. That person’s drive or motivation to drink will decrease as time passes.
  3. Thirst and drinking are negative feedback control systems

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