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This assessment allows you to demonstrate your understanding of evidence based practice concepts and processes and apply your knowledge to case studies.
• Read the questions carefully and answer all parts of the questions.
• If required, provide references.
• Follow the word limits.
PART One: Evidence based practice concepts (17.5 marks)

According to the Registered Nurse Standards for Practice (2016), what is the role of evidence based practice in the nursing profession? (100 words±10% , 4 marks). Needs referencing.
How can the Evidence Based Practice Model enhance nurses’ clinical decision-makings? (100 words±10%, 4 marks). Needs referencing.
One of the components of Evidence Based Practice is consideration of the patient’s values and preferences. What does this mean? Using an example, explain the importance of this component (100 words±10%, 4 marks). Needs referencing.
Reflecting on your last clinical placement or clinical work experience, explain four barriers and four enablers to the implementation of evidence-based practice in the clinical settings? (100 words±10%, 4 marks).
Why are randomised controlled trials considered to be ‘higher level evidence’? (50 words±10%, 1.5 marks). Needs referencing
PART TWO: The case study (17.5 marks)
No need to use references in your answers to the questions below.
Read the article by Erkkila at al. (2011), titled ‘Individual music therapy for depression: randomised controlled trial’. A copy of this article is in the Assessment 2 folder.
Can you trust the results of this study? What are the strengths and weaknesses of this paper? (Hint: refer to the CASP for randomised controlled trials to guide you in the critical appraisal of this study) (200 words±10%, 9 marks).
Was music therapy effective in treating the depression of the patients? (Hint: present and interpret the results for depression outcome- see Table 2 for the summary of the results- you need to consider the results for intervention and control groups, whether the difference between these groups is statistically significant, and if the estimation of the results for the wider population is precise (100 words±10%, 5 marks)
Would you recommend music therapy for patients with depression? (Justify your answer taking into consideration the benefits, harms, and the cost of the intervention) (100 words, ±10% 3.5 marks)

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