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Organization development: b.r. richardson timber products corp due in

 using the attached paper which needs some rewording, to avoid plagiarism, references/citations, subject headers?   

: Undergraduate
: Essay
: English (U.S.)
: 8 pages/2200 words
:APA5 sources
due in 3 hours
Can you turn the below assignment around in five hours or less?  Please let me know asap and I think I might have forgot to submit this assignment and it is due today and worth a lot of points – no grace period.  I will submit payment once confirmed.  Thank you for your help.

Option #2

The Portfolio Project is due at the end of Module 8. For the Portfolio Project, you will analyze and synthesize data acquired from the Integrative Case, B.R. Richardson Timber Products Corporation(pp. 750-763 of the textbook), and present the findings in a paper.

Your analysis will synthesize various topics and content that have been introduced throughout the course. You may also use content from prior Critical Thinking Assignments in the final Portfolio Project where applicable.

The paper will include:

  • An illustrative overview of the case study
  • Assessment of the diagnostic methods used or which should have been used
  • Analysis and feedback methods
  • Appropriate organizational development intervention options with the inclusion of general risk and value scenarios
  • Evaluation methods and planned changes
  • References of outside sources including academic sources

Additionally, address the following within your paper:

  • Describe the organizational design features – structure, HR processes, leadership present in the case study organization.
  • How would you assess Jack Lawler’s entry and contracting process at B.R. Richardson? Would you have done anything differently?
  • What theories or models would you use to make sense of the diagnostic data? How would you organize the information for feedback to Ben Richardson and Richard Bowman? How would you carry out the feedback process?
  • What additional information would you have liked Jack Lawler and his team to collect? Discuss what and why.

Your final paper must be 8-10 pages long, cite a minimum of five sources, and be formatted per the : subject headers, thesis statement, conclusion. The CSU-Global Library is a great place to find sources! Include a title page and reference list page as part of the final project (but not as part of the page count). Submit your final case study to the Week 8 Assignments page.


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