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Topic: The Rise and Collapse of the Bronze Age: 3000-1000 BCEBased on lectures and text, describe the rise and decline of the Bronze Age in the Middle East and Greece from 3000 to 1000 BCE. What caused the rise of the golden age of the Bronze Age (the late Bronze Pge)?

Analyze the factors that contributed to the collapse of the Bronze Age. What were the consequences of the decline of the Bronze Age?

Requirement: 3 to 4 pages – double spaced.

Due: April 30 (post it on the same Module). Points: 100 points

Template (Suggestion)


A.The Agricultural Revolution (8,000 BCE)

B.The Urban Revolution (Civilization) (3000 BCE)


A.Mesopotamia (irrigation and empires) & Egypt (palace economy)

B.The Hittites (chariots)

C.The Minoans (trade)

III.The International Bronze Age (the Late Bronze Age: 1600-1100 BCE)

A.Major Kingdoms in the Middle East (diplomacy)

B.The Mycenaens

C.Long-Distance Trade Network (Copper and Tin)

IV.The Collapse of the Bronze Age

A.Invasions (The Sea People)

B.Destruction and collapse of major kingdoms

C.The Dark Age: Disruption of the international trade network

V.Conclusion: Aftermath

A.The transition to the Iron Age

B.The Phoenicians and the Hebrews (their contributions)

C.The rise of new empires based on iron weapons (better organized)

Please be sure to follow ALL the requirements

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